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To gary,

At first, I don’t know how I can post the things in different pages,

so I posted many photos & videos on the home page.

After that, I realized how I can post photos in different pages.

But I already posted lots of photos so I couldn’t move them to another pages.

So I just let them be here.

Another photos & videos are in different pages~~ please enjoy my stuff!!!! 🙂


at the wine class


This is what I interested in.

I started to have interest in wine when I was at France.

After coming back to korea, I want to know more about wine, and I take simple wine class.

and Here’s my last day at the wine class.

Hanguel day



Did you see this banner in the campus?
This is hanging by my department ‘Korean language & literature’.

It says,
9th of October is ‘Hanguel day’ please don’t forget our character Hanguel!!!!

Thank you king saejong for making our own characters!!!!!! 🙂